Rosacea usually develops in adults between ages 30 and 50. It affects both men and women, although it seems to affect more women. It tends to affect people with fair skin, such as those of northern and eastern European descent (e.g. Irish, English, Scottish), although rosacea can develop in any skin type.

Signs & Symptoms:

• Frequent flushing or blushing on cheeks, nose, chin, forehead
• persistent redness
• red lines, due to enlarged blood vessels becoming visible
• dry skin
• burning, stinging or itching
• pimplelike bumps without blackheads or whiteheads

Treatment Options:

There are many ways to address Rosacea from Topical and oral prescriptions and creams to Laser treatments and makeup to conceal rosacea symptoms. The ladder two are how we can help!

Our revolutionary machine Icon MaxG produces a Laser treatment that involves using light energy to treat visible red blood vessels and redness in rosacea that does not respond to other types of therapy. Laser resurfacing may be used to reduce the tissue overgrowth associated with rhinophyma.

In addition to treating rosacea symptoms, many patients feel better about their condition if they can cover the visible redness and bumps. Corrective camouflage makeup is available to help conceal rosacea symptoms; it is a special kind of makeup with a green tint. We offer a mineral based maker up (GLO Makeup) that is clinically proven to improve your skins condition with giving your skin much needed minerals to heal & recover!

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