IPL (or also known as Intense pulsed light therapy) is a non-ablative treatment option. Our Icon MaxG uses an intense but gentle beam of light to specifically target problem areas and treating various skin conditions, without damaging surrounding tissue. Don’t worry, your healthy skin stays that way… HEALTHY!

Why choose Intense Pulses Light Therapy?

Our Icon MaxG Laser/light therapy can be used to lessen the appearance of such aging skin conditions as:

• Wrinkles
• Scarring
• Blemishes
• Sunspots
• Rosacea
• Benign pigmented lesions

What to expect after a procedure?

Patients may not see any significant changes until several weeks after the surgery. Other post-procedure issues include:

• Treated area may be pink or red for four to eight hours or longer after treatment.
• A slight stinging sensation, like a mild sunburn in the treated area. This sensation usually subsides within four to six hours. Cool packs or moist cloths may be applied to reduce the sensation.
• Mild swelling in the treatment area that usually dissipates within several days.

Are you a good candidate for IPL?

There are many factors to consider when determining which treatments are best for any of our customers. A good rule of thumb for any treatment is to schedule a consultation and come prepared with all your questions. We will do a thorough evaluation with you to ensure you are set up for success and amazing results from the very beginning!

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