The Scarlet RF Microneedling treatment is a new generation of skin rejuvenation technology. It uses microneedle fractional radiofrequency rather than a laser.

Scarlet’s RF micro-needling technology delivers radio frequencies deep into the skin and enhances the benefits of traditional micro-needling. Whether you are looking to reduce the lines of age, fade old acne scars, or generally tighten and invigorate your skin, the Scarlet is here to serve your needs.

The treatment uses 25 golden needles that emit RF (radio frequency) energy (heat) under the skin to each targeted area without touching the skin’s outer surface (safer treatment). It enhances the skin by building collagen to tighten and also improves dermal volume and elastin to improve elasticity and texture. Because the epidermis is not touched, expect minimal downtime in a few hours compared to a few days making it gentler on the skin compared to laser. The Scarlet is safe for all skin types, leaving the skin noticeably smoother, and tighter with minimal swelling or bruising.

Skin Rejuvenation – tightening, pore minimization, improves wrinkles and texture, elasticity, acne and acne scarring, stretch marks.

Treatment is good for hyperhidrosis, lifting jowls/brow lifting, reduces nasal labial folds, drooping mouth corners, eyelid tightening, brightness, facial flushing. Tightening becomes more noticeable 2-6 months post.