Our Team

Dr. Cory Brown

Dr. Cory Brown prides himself on caring for clients. Learning and staying on top of the latest in dental aesthetics was a natural steppingstone for learning the latest in skin care, another area his clients find extremely important. He works closely with his staff and industry leaders to keep a pulse on the laser aesthetics industry. Educating both himself and his team on the most effective techniques and use of state of the art equipment he has will get you result! On top of all of this, he is a caring and loving father and husband. Having had his own skin “issues” he knows what it means to boost one’s confidence through optimal skin care and passing these results onto his clients. This is what he loves most about doing what he does!

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown is our Social Media guru & Product Knowledge expert! She strives to find and vet out the best possible products to compliment your hard work and help you achieve and maintain your skin goals, sustaining and improving those results! From best in class makeup to serums, lotions and sun protectants, it is unquestionable, she knows her stuff! We know the investment you are making in your skin, so with that in mind, we’ve made it our mission to have what you need to make sure this is the best investment you’ve ever made – YOURSELF!

Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch truly loves helping people unlock the beauty they posses inside by giving them the confidence to shine. All of our clients are already beautiful, however, sometimes their lack of confidence about their skin inhibit them from feeling as confident as they should. Evaluating a client’s skin and addressing concerns to develop a protocol is key. What does Jenn love most about working at Skin Sense Laser Aesthetics? That is easy! It is being able to work closely with each & every one of her clients to earn their trust and achieving the results! Nothing is more rewarding then seeing her client’s eyes light up when they start to see the beauty within themselves!