JetPeel™ is a world-first approach to transdermal treatment that takes aesthetic and dermatological care to new heights of excellence and comfort. Based on jet propulsion technology adapted to the needs of modern skincare, JetPeel uses fine misty jet streams of high-velocity liquid traveling at subsonic speeds. Applied to the skin, these powerful jet streams create microchannels to facilitate deep subdermal delivery, with no needles, no incisions, no skin breakage, and no pain. It is 100% non-invasive and comfortable, providing the patient with an unexpectedly relaxing treatment that requires no recovery or healing and delivers visible same-day results.

Excessive Sweating

Enjoy a natural, pain-free, and effective treatment by JetPeel, designed to reduce sweating and boost confidence. A balanced synergy of active ingredients that target the sources of sweating, the JetPeel treatment method combined with the exclusive Sweatless formula is a powerfully targeted approach to excessive sweating. The results are a fresh, pure sensation, fast results, and goodbye to embarrassing sweat patches.

A common complaint and source of stress to sufferers, excessive sweating is typically difficult to treat. Sweatless Complex offers a clinically proven option to reduce sweating by 15% in a non-invasive relaxing treatment that is comfortable and pleasant for patients. The state-of-the-art Sweatless formula is based on a synergy of active peptides that work to reduce neurotransmission activity that contributes to sweat activation. Vegetal extracts cultivate a skin environment that dampens sweat production and provides advanced relief for an embarrassing cosmetic problem. Smooth dry skin in sweat prone areas, such as the forehead, armpits, and palms, is the exceptional result of this innovative treatment.



MicroBotox is a revolutionary technique to deliver Botox into the very superficial layer of skin so that it does not affect the major muscles that control facial movements, yet it still works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces pore size and oil production, even helping with acne and redness. Microbotox gives your skin a smooth, refreshed, shine-free appearance, and no “frozen” look.
Using our JetPeel machine we combine Microbotox with hyaluronic acid, skin brighteners and a vitamin and peptide cocktail to achieve a lifted, toned and hydrated appearance.

Micro-Botox makes the skin look delicate, poreless and lifted. Some women even report a naturally powdered look. It is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from large pores, oily or acne prone skin.

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